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Naveen Mehandi Artist

Indian weddings and other important ceremonies are not complete in the absence of Henna or mehandi. Dry Henna leaves can be milled and sifted in order to create powder that is transformed into a paste that is put on hands. After a couple of hours, the henna paste will leave beautiful color that each Indian woman is extremely attracted to. The scent and the colour of henna is amazing and it feels like pure.

It is more comfortable in the hands of a person who has creativeness. Mehandi has become an art. There are many Indian artists have mastered diverse designs, which are often classified by the names of Mughalai, Hyderabadi, Jardosi, Arabian, and many other designs. The mehandi's beauty classic is accentuated by its artistic style and the color that it imparts to the palms and on the feet. The mehandi's vibrant color will make any occasion enjoyable and memorable.


Naveen Mehandi Artist

Indian wedding and all auspicious ceremonies are incomplete without Henna or Mehandi. Dried Henna leaves are milled and sifted to make powder which is then made into paste to be applied onto hands. After a few hours, henna paste leaves beautiful colour that every Indian woman is very fond of. The scent and colour of henna is incredible, which feels so pure.

It feels better when the paste is applied with some creativity. Mehandi application is an art. Various Indian artists are masters of different designs popularly categorised as Mughalai, Hyderabadi, Jardosi, Arabian, and many others. The classic beauty of mehandi comes out with the artistic design and the colour that it leaves on the palm and around the feet. The awesome colour of Mehandi makes any occasion pleasant and memorable.