chequered mehndi pattern in delhi

Who We Are?

Applying henna on a festive or happy occasion is an ancient custom of the Indian sub-continent and Arab countries. Now, with the passage of time, this custom has also adopted the colors of modernity. New beautiful and beautiful designs and patterns of flowers on hands and feet are desired by women on occasions like Eid, Diwali and Shabbarat, but on other special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, colorful, fragrant prints on the hands are desired.

While Naveen mehandi says that the women of the subcontinent like designs that are so full that the hands are completely hidden. Apart from this, there is also a custom of full filling of the fingers among Indiani and Indian women.
And increasing the beauty of feet is also important for women.


chequered mehndi pattern in delhi









chequered mehndi pattern in delhi

Interestingly, this tradition of henna is now making its way to other western countries including Delhi. Women from the dark homeland who migrated from India or Arab countries are connected to this beautiful culture of theirs. But now the local population of Delhi is also interested in making henna tattoo art. In this regard, Naveen mehandi, a resident of Tilak Nagar, who is an expert henna artist herself, says that along with Indiani women, the local people of Delhi are also interested in applying henna. He said that applying henna is easier than tattooing, so now Delhi are more interested in applying henna.Naveen mehandi said that her customers see the difference between henna and tattoo. He said that the clear difference between henna and tattoo is that there is no pain in applying henna. Therefore, their users say that it is relatively easy. On the other hand, she also said that she applies mehndi free of artificial ingredients, which is not harmful to the skin. He further said that one of the advantages of mehndi is that the mehndi patterns fade after a certain period of time, after which the person applying mehndi can apply any other design of his choice. On the other hand, getting a tattoo is not only a painful process but also irreversible.